Welcome to Wedswing, the most versatile wedding app in history.

Executing perfect weddings is a science, and our app is the ultimate tool to help you get there.

The numbers speak for themselves:

50 countries

1500 perfect weddings executed

Over 20000 vows exchanged

Over 75000 memories made

Executing perfect weddings is a science, and our app is the ultimate tool to help you get there.

Our Features


Our App does not let anything leak on social media, if you don’t want it to. Only those who have access are given entry.

Secure your memories now

Live-Streaming Your Wedding

Best-friend gone abroad and cannot attend? Favorite cousin down with the flu? Then let them attend your wedding virtually with our Live-Stream Feature!

Let them Gatecrash here!

Memory Boxes

All your wedding photos in neat categories for you to revisit and remember. All the relevant photos, videos and more are automatically sorted for each event!

Relieve each and every moment.

Dating Done Right

Invited bachelors and bachelorettes from both sides have the option of getting on our inbuilt dating feature. Each profile is naturally 100% authentic – you’re bound to run into each other at a function or two!

Meet your prospective match!


Raise your glasses on our app and propose a toast for the lucky couple! Everyone – even those who aren’t there – can give and view toasts.

Bestow your blessings here.

Work Management

Stay on top of every group, and every activity with the ‘Chat’, ‘Group Chat’ and ‘Create Event’ features. Manage your wedding like a true boss!

Start getting things done now.

About Us

For us at Wedswing, weddings aren’t just special. They’re sacred. Yeah, we know that’s kind of old school, but that’s just fine by us.

What’s not old school, however, is the new age technology we’re bringing to wedding planning, management and execution.

  • Need a wedding app for guest management?
  • Or perhaps a wedding photo app that shares, edits, organizes and shows you your special moments on a beautiful interface?
  • Or do you want to execute your wedding from start to finish?

Our Highlights

Customized App Name

We start by giving you the liberty to name our app according to your preference. After all, it’s your special day!

Create Live Events

Never miss a single event. Create events, and just click on the “Go live” button to see what’s in store for that event.


Our memories feature will link events to all the media that’s there for it – be it photos, videos, polls and everything else.

Advanced Photo Management

Seamlessly save and manage photos clicked by everyone who has the app in real time. You also get them segregated by Event type, making it the ideal photo sharing app for guests.

Wedding Guest-list Management

Manage your guests through a few taps on your screen – send invites, see who’s attending, and above all, every guest gets their own personalized profile feature to make it easy for you.

Socialize like a Boss

Be on top of your social game! interact with all your friends, or family with our chat and group chat features, reinforced with privacy protection for good measure.

Unity is Strength

What if you could get feedback from the right people in real time – be it for catering, for decorations or even makeup? Use our groups feature, and tackle every bunch of choices with efficiency!

Command and Conquer

We know that the most important people are the bride and the groom. So, if they wish, they can have complete admin control over the app, and also join in on any group they want to be a part of.


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