8 of the most Exotic Wedding Locations in India

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When you speculate a location for your future wedding, your imagination lends you wings. You will obviously not be limited to a run-down wedding hall. A sandy, white beach with blue waters? Or perhaps a hill station with light snow? Or a lush forest, replete with bamboo houses and flowing rivers?

Well, if you’re an Indian, then you’re actually in luck. The locations we just described can be found throughout India, with its extremely diverse geography. We luckily have a bit of everything to keep you sated.

That being said, you don’t want to go in blindly, right? It would be nice if you knew exactly where to go, and a nice little list always helps. Keep your options open, because the popularity of destination weddings is soaring with each passing year!

The Islander Wedding

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If you want your wedding venue to be surrounded with the pristine blue oceans, and white beaches, look no further than the Andaman & Nicobar Islands – particularly the little island of Havelock. An island’s vibe is what can spice up a wedding: festive and playful. The seafood enthusiast will be in heaven.

The weather is always tropical throughout the year. The island’s tourist-based economy also ensures that the existence of exclusive, top of the line resorts for you to choose. People escape the cold and their mundane lives here from October to April, which is the peak season.

Our advice? Go during the off season, from May to September. Take care to miss the monsoon so that you avoid a watery wedding!

A Trip to the Backwaters

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Kerala is nothing short of paradise. It’s thick jungles, and many, many water bodies and lakes will take your breath away. Kerala, like the Andamans, is also heavy on responsible, ecologically sustainable tourism. So, you won’t be getting any trash anywhere. Most of it is pristine.

Wayanad, Karttikulam, and lastly, Kovalam are all on the hotlist for you to get married. Kerala beach weddings are really catching on, especially if you desire a small and intimate setting. Goa beaches, in contrast, will definitely be more crowded.

Again, it’s got really intense monsoons, so going right after September right up to March will be prudent.

Goan Madness

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Let’s face it, you knew this was coming. Goa has a way of appearing on any wedding list because let’s face it: if an entire state is dedicated to partying, how can you not go there for your own wedding celebration?

Goa’s beaches have admittedly gotten populated over the years. Baga and Calangute are no longer worth the hassle because they won’t give you your peace of mind. However, Arambol, Agonda and the intensely private Cola beach are all prime spots.

Goa is all about insane sunsets, yummy seafood, old monuments, madly changing skyscapes and everything else that you need to make your wedding a memorable one. Again, like with most coastal places, avoid heavy monsoons (June-September) and peak season (November-February) to enjoy without any hitches.

All Hail Jaipur

The Pink City doesn’t disappoint when it comes to weddings. This is often a ‘go-to’ choice for couples who want to experience a palatial wedding scenario, as Jaipur has many venues to choose from. The Raj Mahal, Jai Mahal Palace and Rambagh are on top of the list. There are many other Havelis to choose from too, if that’s suits your tastes better.

Channel your inner royalty here, but the best time to do it is during the Winters. Jaipur otherwise suffers from a sweltering summer, and also hosts a lot of festivals (the JLF etc) so your planning needs to be sorted accordingly.

True Majesty

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It’s true that our previous entry can take care of your royal fantasy. However, we’ve got another one, just in case you want to take things up a notch. Udaipur goes neck to neck with Jaipur when it comes to heritage, architecture, cultural traditions and most importantly, your wedding venue.

The Oberoi Uday Vilas, and the Leela Palace are top-class examples of the size and scale that a wedding can have here, and have catered to many a star-studded ceremony. Off-season is again your best bet (and this is unfortunately not winter) – during the months of April to August.

Temple Town

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India draws in millions of tourists from all over the globe because of its inherent reputation as the land of divinity, and the birthplace of religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. One of the most blessed places goes by the name of Khajuraho – also famous for its erotic temple-based architecture.

Khajuraho is a beautiful city for your special day, especially if your faith is strong. Alternatively, you can simply be an admirer of old-world culture and heritage. Adorned with temples, ancient, well-preserved monuments and lakes. A wedding in Khajuraho will definitely involve divine blessings and rituals – but make sure you go during the winter months, as summer is not so pleasant.

Misty Blue Hills

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Nothing says ‘destination wedding’ like a trip to the mountains! With the Himalayas on one side and the Dun Valley on the other, Mussoorie is pretty well known as a tourist destination. While it has its misty blue hills and pleasant temperatures which make it an attractive spot, planning and executing weddings here is also easier than in a big metropolitan city.

Mussoorie also boasts of many waterfalls and memorable locations to simply take in for all your pre-wedding photography needs. Venues like the JW Marriott and Jaypee can add in ample luxury with comfort for the guests.

While summer is the best time to beat the heat and head there, it is also the most crowded season (April-June). This is followed by heavy rainfall for two months. Our best bet? A month like Marth, or sometime early September is good. If you’re a winter soldier, then go ahead with those months!

The Deep North East

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Sadly, you won’t see many people advocating the North-East to be a wedding destination. However, we believe that some of these states have truly untapped potential, and beauty. Take a look at Meghalaya. It’s one of the cleanest states in India, there are a few places in the world that can match its green cover, and the rainy freshness in the air.

We found Ri Kyinjai (literally: Serenity by the lake) to be one of the most hidden gems for your destination wedding. Replete with cottages made in the local Khasi style, tasteful décor, lawns, a hilly green backdrop – and the crown jewel – the banks of the Umiam Lake, this is nothing short of a private haven for you and your guests.

Meghalaya’s weather is always pleasantly cool, never exceeding 27-28 degrees on an average. However, going in the monsoon (June-Sep) may just be a disaster for logistics and so on – so avoid that. Summers and early winters (October) will undoubtedly be a treat.

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