Bridal Fashion Week: 2018

Bridal Fashion Week: 2018

Hello to all you soon to be brides and grooms and bridesmaids and flower girls and what else have you! You’re here because you have one thing in your mind – what should I be wearing for the big day? Wedding season is here, so it’s entirely possible if you’re not the bride. You can simply be an important attendee. The point is, you’ve got to look good, and we’ve got you covered!

The Wedswing team has done a nice, in-depth roundup of the Bridal Fashion Week this fall so that you get a fresh look at the latest fashions. So what if you cannot buy everything fresh off the ramp? You can certainly use this as inspiration for your custom outfit!

The Middle Ground: Relax and look good

Meredith Stoecklein, the brain behind the fashion label ‘Lein’ has a simple mantra for her latest fall collection: Keep it relaxed. This caters very well to the latest generation of brides, who want a mix of utility and beauty.

Bridal OutfitLein’s clothing now can even be worn after the wedding as an ultra-chic, fashion conscious choice, which makes it all the more alluring. Princess-style, ornate and clunky outfits seem passe when you take a look at her collection. What’s more is that cost-conscious, financially independent brides would also imagine not wanting to spend a year’s savings on their wedding day gown, so Lein’s middle-ground pricing is also something to watch out for. Her hottest selling item was a sleeveless open-back jumpsuit with ruffle-style adornments (and not a gown, as one might expect) followed by cropped trousers and her pantsuit collection.

Lein has also not held back on alternative colors: blues, lemon yellows, blacks, and pale greens – her outfits have managed to cater to even that girl who’s got a long list of weddings she’s got to attend. You’ll rock formal, black-tie events with simplicity and grace.

Capes Galore

Many brides don’t prefer veils any longer, so they’d rather go with the next-best, less restrictive option for style: Capes! Labels/designers like Marchesa, Mark Zunino, and Monique Lhuillier have brought the tantalizing cape back into action, where the bride can seamlessly blend the ‘oomph’ factor with elegance and poise. Not to mention, capes oddly add a touch of antiquity while seeming modern at the same time due to reinvention.

cape galoreWhile capes would be a tad-bit excessive for the bridesmaids or guests to wear, this is a life-saver for the bride herself – your gown can be accentuated with a cape for more flow and volume. Over that, if you want to make a quick change between formal and slightly less formal, simply remove the cape for the next ceremony. Seamless changes and a whole different look is almost guaranteed.

Frilly, annoying capes are also taking a backseat for more augmented ones that don’t weigh you down immensely – so that choice is truly yours to make.

Vera Wang: The Universal Benchmark

Vera Wang is no stranger to the wedding world – or to anyone who’s done even the slightest bit of research about bridal fashion for the last decade or so. To leave her out of our Bridal Fashion Week review would be like discussing a wedding without the vows.

While Wang has been known for her bold, sweeping flourishes in her dresses – which subtly add to the bride’s sexuality and intrigue, she has evolved her style this season to match her clients’ needs and whims. This year, she remarks, is more about returning to the ‘artistic’, couture-level style of gown.

vera wangWith less focus on the sex-factor and more on opulence and modesty, her collection echoes artistic, dramatic details that remind you of a Victorian background. This means more lace and embroidery, loosened corsets, elaborate bows, an embellishment of complementary colors (instead of the standard monochrome) and added frills.

If elegant modesty is what you’re looking for, look no further than to the hall of fame: look no further, than Vera Wang!

Pinks and Golds

With color exploding across the spectrum in the world of 2018 wedding fashion, we couldn’t help but notice the focus on pink and gold. However, we’re not simply referring to the color of the fabric, but also the gilding.

Yes, gilded gowns are like wearing ornate jewelry, without needing any extra accessorization to your already decorated self. In fact, many brides are going for the look that lets their shimmery gown do all the talking while jewelry takes a firm back-seat, and doesn’t add clutter to the look.

glided gownsThe gold trend is definitely for those who want to give off a sophisticated look – but also have that boldness in them to pull it off with a flourish.

Pinks, on the other hand, has been called the latest millennial color of bridal fashion week choices, due to its sheer versatility. Want to be someone who echoes the ‘in your face-no apologies needed’ kind of attitude? Go for splashy, garish bubble-pink hues. Prefer looking like you’re up to something subtle, yet full of promise? Go for the delicate, classy shades of pink like mauve and blush. It’s got something for everyone.

High Collars and Slip Dresses

Nothing quite screams fashion as a high collar. Where else would you see it apart from a ramp? Well, consider wearing one yourself if you’re going to get wed, because what’s a wedding without a little bit of fashion-consciousness? Rounded edges on collars (the scallop) are more trendy now than sharp twists and curves. Your neckline doesn’t need to be revealing at all if you bring more attention to complementary accessories, like finely-crafted earrings or necklaces. Add some sort of a ‘windswept’ look to your hair, and you’ll be more than ready to be wed and make a statement at the same time.

collar dressesRemember slip dresses? Don’t yet dismiss this return from the 90s, where your body is more accentuated than anything else. Not to worry, this is not a return to the ‘disco-sexy’ vibe, but rather, caters to the ‘fusion’ style of 2018 fashion: combine this with a cape, or a heavy design and you’ve got more than enough class on your hands. Alternatively, skip all the frills and go for a garment that just shows but never reveals – with a lacey upper garment and a flowy gown to match.

While we could go on and on about other elements from the Bridal Fashion Week, it makes no sense to just take away your own decision-making skills. WedSwing will return with another segment on labels rather than trends, so you can stay tuned for that – but the 2018 bridal fashion week is best viewed from all its facets, rather than just analyzed. So go ahead and make your choices because there is a special day that you have to attend!

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