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Bridal Lehenga Selection: 5 Tips, From the Ideal, to the Practical

Selecting a Bridal Lehenga can sometimes be more grueling than finding your ideal mate – and when we say this, we can hear many brides silently nodding in approval.

However, your nods needn’t be of the helpless kind. We know that your bridal lehenga is going to be one of the single-most important garments in your life. Your life, as you know it, is going to change forever. A bridal lehenga is symbolic of this change, as it also becomes an object of memory.

You can think of a gazillion things before your mind is finally at ease with what you’ve chosen. But why clutter your mind with excess? Here’s a handy guide for you: 5 tips that deal with all the most important things.

Tip 01: The Bridal Persona

bridal persona

A simple question to consider is: What is your persona? Now, this could mean two things. Some brides like to stick to who they are. Some brides with a natural flair for performance like to cultivate a ‘persona’. In Greek, this literally refers to a mask worn by the actor for a play!

Of course, your personality can’t be summed up in one word – but all your actions and your thoughts inevitably lead to some kind of feel. You need to grab that. Somber? Regal? Joyful? Ceremonial? Adaptable? Chic? Sunny? These are just a few ideas, but they will directly determine what kind of color and design you choose directly.

For outgoing personality types, the color scheme would be in the realm of dazzling reds, oranges, and other warm hues. For those who are soft-spoken yet unyielding – blues are better. For a more mysterious persona, violets, mauve’s and other similar hues work best. For those who exude a nurturing, healing personality – green, turquoise, olives and shades of brown do very well.

Remember that sometimes, your preferred personality will be different from what others perceive you to be – but that’s not a problem. It’s your wedding day, and ultimately, you decide!

Tip 02: The Lehenga Source

While a lot of brides would simply love to be in a Sabyasachi bridal lehenga, here are a few things to consider before you pick your source.

Remember that expensive may not mean exclusive or even the best fit for you. Whether you’re sourcing from a flee market or a high-class label, you need to consider two things: Your budget, along with the type of design you want.

You may even want to make your own bridal lehenga, which is a whole new DIY game – we’ll soon have an article to help you out with that.

However, make a list of no more than 5 places of your choice and then work downward from there. Remember, elimination and de-cluttering your choice palette is the most important step when it comes to sourcing.

If you have a tailor of choice, you need to have a great rapport with them in order to get the right fit in the right time for your wedding – so zeroing down sooner will be ideal.

Tip 03: The Lehenga Material


The materials are arguably the most important component of the lehenga. Your parents or your husband may have something traditional in mind – but you may not. Heavy lehengas are all very good, but the modern bride is not restricted to those choices alone.

If your lehenga is to have any reusable value, then lighter materials will surely do the trick. Crepes and Chiffons are both good candidates. For heavier, more regal outfits, velvet, brocade and similar fabrics are a better fit.

You must – and we insist, feel and even smell your potential fabric options. Remember that you’re going to wear it for a considerable length of time and the ideal lehenga balances comfort and style. Some smells may even offend you, and some fabrics may cause inflammation or itchiness. Avoid such self-harm at all costs, because what’s the point, really?

Tip 04: The Time


We don’t need to give you a philosophical idea of time for you to understand why it’s important. Why indeed?

Well, many things are dependent on your wedding season, for example. Your bridal lehenga is one of them. Is it going to be hot? Cold? Humid, Dry? Windy too, perhaps? These will determine the practical elements of your bridal lehenga. Nothing wrong with a little heft in there if there’s going to be a lot of wind – and you don’t want to flash anyone, right? Summers and humidity are tricky for heavier materials – and winters will have a chill, too.

Different materials behave differently when exposed to the elements. That’s another no-brainer when considering the right time.

Your wedding date also determines the time you need for alterations, last-minute fittings and so on. Some of these things take time, and you need to plan for those.

Another thing is important when it comes to time – and it’s those important sale timings. Keeping a track of your favorite marketplace, or designer outlet will surely help with getting a bang for your buck. Buying the perfect bridal lehenga in the off-season will also be kinder to your pocket.

Tip 05: The Perfect Lehenga Body Type


We could put this on top of the list, but this list doesn’t really have a hierarchy. All tips are equally important here and your considering your body type is no exception.

This may seem very surface and technical but bear with us. All women are not the same, but thankfully, humankind celebrates diversity. There’s something that goes for every body type!

  • The Hourglass Body: You’re lucky if you have this type because your body has more proportionality – conventionally speaking, we’re drawn to symmetry and a balance of proportions. Your waist, hip line, bust, and curves are all well-defined, where fat distribution is balanced on all fronts. These lucky souls get to pick a variety of combinations for their bridal lehenga.
  • The Pear-Shaped Body: Your butt is the object of envy, and for bridal lehengas, it should naturally be the focus. Your top is on the narrower side, but this can easily be offset by a heavier blouse. More ornamentation on the top works and you don’t need weight on the lehenga at all – freedom to you!
  • The Apple-Shaped Body: Your body is very well-defined when it comes to your midsection and bust while your back is broader. Your waist will not be as well defined, but this allows for some suave deep necklines and longer cholis with ample flow and heft.
  • The Inverted-Triangle Shaped Body: Congratulations, you will look like the athletic type with your broader shoulders and a V-shaped frame. The top, in this case, doesn’t need to be ornamental or heavy since your body frame will add enough ornamentation by itself. However, a bridal lehenga with a wide, majestic, flair will work wonders.
  • The Rectangle-Shaped Body: A lot of brides feel despair when they realize they possess this body type – but please don’t! This simply means that you’re an ideal candidate for the most versatile expression. Your ornamentation needn’t limit itself to the choli, or the lehenga – their heft will accentuate your frame with grace and elegance! Wider skirts and fabrics like raw silk will help for added effect.

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