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Italian Wedding Traditions You’ll Fall In Love With

Italy in cultural terms is quite a rich-country and when it comes to weddings, few people can exhibit them beautifully as Italians do. Of course, there are slight variations in the customs and traditions followed from region to region. The greatest of those variations come between the southern and the northern regions, the latter being more conservative and religious. In any case, Italians weddings are a joy to watch. They’re always vibrant, lively and full of emotions.

Let’s take a look at some of the strange yet good-hearted traditions of Italian weddings.

  1. Engagement With a Diamond Ring

  2. Engagements aren’t much different in Italy from the rest of the world. In earlier times, parents had the responsibility to arrange marriages. But the time that has changed. Nowadays, a man proposes a woman directly, usually with a diamond ring. The ring holds special significance as it symbolizes the eternity of love. The man makes an offer of marriage. As the woman says ‘Yes’, the couple seal the promise by having a romantic kiss. From this point on, the couples are said to be engaged to each other.

  3. Bachelorette Parties

  4. America’s bachelor parties are quite different from Italy’s Hen or Bachelorette parties. Whereas in US bachelor parties the idea is to relish the youth and remember it one last time before entering a new phase in life, in Italian Hen parties, people take a moment to have a nice dinner with friends and family just to get themselves ready for the mood of wedding ahead.

  5. Customs & Superstitions In Italian Marriages

  6. Italian weddings have their fair share of superstitions. The following few stand out:

    • It’s must that the bride’s dress be bought by the mother of the bridegroom.
    • The bride should wear a green dress before the day of wedding as it’s supposed to bring good luck to the couple. Conversely, if she were to wear a golden dress, it will bring bad luck.
    • The wedding has to be done in the bride’s town.
    • The bouquet is given to the bride by the mother of the bridegroom before entering the church. However, in Northern Italy, the bridegroom himself brings the bride’s bouquet. He can personally select the style and color of the flowers and gift them to the bride.
    • To ward off any evil or envious eye, the groom carries with him a piece of iron known as ‘Toc ferro.’
    • A ribbon has to be cut by the bride when she’s leaving the house for the church and has to be maintained by two maiden girls.
    • The “first bed” has to be done by the mother of the bride, by the sister of the mother of the bride and by the mother of the bridegroom with the bride.
    • There is also the tradition of the “serenata” where the night before the wedding, the bridegroom has to sing under the bride’s balcony.
  7. Wedding Games To Liven Up The Mood

  8. As the couple makes their exit from the Church, their well-wishers throw rice at them which is said to symbolize a shower of good luck and money. In many Italian marriages, it’s a custom that the bride and the groom drink from the same glass. Some games are held between the spouses, like recognizing each other with a blindfold around their eyes. At the end of the meal, after the wedding the bride throws her
    bouquet to the female unmarried guests, the legend says that the woman who takes the bouquet will be the next one to marry. Then, the bride throws her garter to the male guests, the man who takes the garter (the legend says ) will be the next one to marry. The same thing is sometimes done with the bottle cup of the first bottle of wine opened with the wedding cake.

    Also, at the end of the wedding, all the male guests are required to kiss the bride and wish her good luck, making the groom jealous in the process.

  9. Reception & Bomboniera

  10. Food is of particular importance to Italians and when it’s the occasion of wedding, it gets even more delicious. As many as 14 different courses may be served. The cake obviously is served with Espresso. In North Italian weddings, the groom cuts his tie into many pieces and then take them on a tray to the guests to be sold off. The Bride and Groom are expected to move from table to table, greet their guests and make them feel welcomed.

    At the end of the wedding, usually the spouses make a little gift to the guests, and with that gift called “bomboniera” there are always some traditional sweets called “confetti”. At the end of the wedding, the couple has to shatter a vase or a glass, and the number of broken pieces is said to represent the number of years for which the couple would stay happily married.

Hope this blog helped you understand the traditions and other quirky bits of Italian weddings. Thanks for reading. Keep coming back for more quality content.

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