Language Of Love

Language Of Love

The two hearts Noorie and Kabir falling in love, where the senses convey the language of love for each other. Sometimes very simple incidents of our life, leave us with some deepest impact which really makes us clueless. We just remain a spectator who just sits and watches it happening. Here is a story that even my senses would love to recite again and again.

16th April, her phone was vibrating but she didn’t saw. It rang for two times but third time her dark yes caught the flashlight of her phone and then she picked up the phone. And on the other side, she heard the voice of a husky man who said Hello! Kabir-Kabir Khan here, you must be Noorie! right?

She was so much stuck in his voice which took time to get her back. Then she said Oh Yeah, I have mailed you for painting sessions. So, you read the mail. Thank You!

He said Yes. I would want you to join my painting sessions. He was very comfortable talking to Noorie. He said You Know, I have been working for the last 12 years and I have learned the art of painting from my own experiences and I love to share my work.

She was listening to his words and was amused by his voice. While having a call something was there that has touched her heart. Then he said to her, he would love to see you at my exhibition which is going to be held on next month. After saying this he said Hello! Are you their girl?

After a long pause, she said I’m listening to you. Then in a very calm and polite way she said, you mentioned about the Exhibition! So when is it and where it is?

Deep Inside she was very much excited- not to attend the exhibition but to meet the Kabir Khan, himself in person. I will share the details about the exhibition but by the time you can visit my website. As he was about to say, she interrupted him and said I know K… Sir (hesitant to address by name).

Then before cutting the call, he said See you soon. Be In Touch!

Yeah… you too! she said Bye!

Somehow Noorie was driven by the word, Take care! Noorie was deeply touched by his voice. It seemed as if she knows him from a very long time. She has never seen him in reality, always had taken the painting photographs from the newspaper and had arranged all of them in a file in a periodic manner with the themes.

She was eagerly waiting to meet him and within that time SMS pops in her phone and it was from the man himself- Kabir Khan. It was written, Coming Next Week- Exhibition starts 19 to 21. She was in the seventh sky for a while after reading that SMS.

This one week seems to be too long for her. It was not coming to over as if she was counting the days. So Finally, her wait comes to an end. 19th April, the day when she was going to meet the man- Kabir. She called him at 10 am.

Hello Sir, Noorie here.

Oh.. Hi Noorie! Exhibition inaugural at 6.30 in the evening.

Yeah, I know. I read about it! Near Nirmaan complex, Kalakriti cultural hall. I just wanted to inquire if you have reached on not. She said.

Yes, Noorie I have reached and I am Staying at the Shalimar Hotel just checked in a few hours ago. OK, see you in the evening. She was going to meet the man whom she had only admired.

The evening time. She wore a Black Saree with the pink border over it. Her silky black hair was touching her waistline, And her killer eyes inside black Kajal. As she took the stairs up she could find a crowd surrounding someone and asking for the autograph and mostly were the females. As she entered, could see him clearly. That was Kabir. Making her way through the crowd she was moving closer to him.

girl wearing saree

It was difficult for him to recognize her as he has not seen her before. Then a girl wearing black saree caught her attention. She came closer to him and took her notepad and looked straight into his eyes and asked for the autograph. Kabir was lost deep in his winely eyes. He tried to be firm and asked Your name? Noorie! As he saw her he was unable to behave. She understood this thing and she made him comfortable.

She said very calmly, I just can’t believe my eyes, meeting you. Eagerly waiting to see your paintings. Sure! Come he said! They both went to see the paintings and both were so much involved in that what was happening around them took them to the world of togetherness and intense communication.

Noorie stopped to one painting of Kabir.SERENITY”! What a lovely piece of art you have mixed with thought! 

paintingOh my goodness! How did you come to know- he exclaimed. She uttered with a poetic expression, Well the creation sprinkle a brush of serenity over me! This Serenity is never mine…Noorie! he said.

Looking into his eyes she asked, then Whose? He said in a smiling tone, maybe yours! She was expressionless for a moment and continuously looked at his face. Then suddenly someone pats his back and said, Hey Kabir! Then Kabir turned back and said Oh! Hi, it’s you Vibha!

He introduced both: Noorie meet Vibha, my friend. They both greeted each other with a smile. She stepped back from their conversation they both were very comfortable with each other as they were very close friends.

She realized the aroma of his presence was now shared by someone else, stolen by someone else fragrance. Why was she feeling different she hardly knows Kabir. She was just the admirer of his heart and then she decided to leave as it was getting late. Kabir said its just 9 why you wanna leave, she just said my mom would be waiting for dinner as we do that together. So she took an exit from there and didn’t eat dinner also.

The only thing was bothering her was the presence of Vibha, her smile, her look, her closeness with Kabir. Then finally she went to sleep.

Next morning when she woke up she was very relaxed. As she decided to skip a day, not to go to the exhibition and not wanna meet Kabir. She made herself very busy with other things than on 21st morning she got a call from Kabir, Hi Noorie, what happened? You didn’t come yesterday. I was, I mean we were waiting for you, he said.

Yeah, some work came suddenly and couldn’t drop that work but I’ll come today. Hmmm.. do come, Will wait for you, he said. Sure, I will she said. Noorie was busy with some painting to complete which she completed after getting up and she wrote a few lines at the back of the canvas, just in the middle. She wrapped the painting with the newspaper and left for the exhibition.

This time she was dressed in pink not to impress anyone but to be calm this time. When she reached there, Kabir was surrounded by the crowd. Kabir’s eyes were searching her for so long. But this time Noorie’s eyes saw both Kabir and Vibha together!


I am really sorry, an unfinished project was there to be completed was busy with that, she said. Before Kabir could say, Vibha said, Its okay Noorie, work is more important! Noorie decided to leave as she saw real colors of life in Vibha’s eyes for Kabir, as he was just a stranger for him. The Kabir, she admired, no one could take away from her..not even Kabir himself! It was already 9, time to depart.

Okay then Vibha and sir ! she said, Noorie turned to leave …listen! Noorieee!! Kabir said, there is something to gift you! Me…with a surprise on her face!! wait don’t go, let me bring! Noorie came outside near her car…was still thinking whether she should gift him the painting or not!

Kabir came a bit running… holding a painted canvas in his hand!

He said, “SERENITY” for you! She was speechless!! neither her lips nor eyelids were expressing anything! 

After a pause, she said SERENITY” To me? WHY!

Hmmmn.. because you gave it to me. Take it and no questions. Noorie looked at him and said.., even I want to give you something! Just a minute, She took out the painting from her car back seat…and said, this is for you. A painting for me?

She nodded her head..Hmmmm!! Don’t open it now Kabir! Looking at each other continuously, neither blinking nor expressing, seems a calm pool of full moon night! Both were making a decent attempt to control the attractive call of faculties. It seemed as if both were trying to control the feelings they both have felt for each other, was just two feet away.

Just then Vibha came from inside. Kabir said, I gifted her one of my painting…and see, she has gifted us this too. Coming closer to Kabir, Vibha replied, So sweet of you Noorie, that’s a gift for you from both of us. She smiled, and said, Will you write something for me on this notepad anything.


Noorie took the notepad from her purse and gave it to Kabir. Did he ask for Pen? Yeah…I have! Noorie searched for a pen and gave it to him. That was for the first time Noorie touched him. His fingers were even softer than a painting brush.

Kabir wrote a few lines on it with his nameKABIR”!

While bidding them bye, Noorie looked at them and said you both compliment each other. Kabir said, Contact me before next session. Noorie started the car and bid a bye to this meet. She took with her all the memories of these two days with her and the autograph of Kabir. 

Noorie left then after that both Vibha and Kabir also left for their Hotel. It was a quite tiring day, said, Kabir. Then, he had a knock at his door, there was a waiter who said, Sir you have left this at the back side of the car. He said Shukraan to him.

Kabir unwrapped the artistic creation. It was a work of art of a man with turban and  beard laying out the sharp jaw ! His eyes were profound and experienced. What’s more, his fingers holding a work of art brush covering his face with the exception of eyes! Kabir’s eyes goes initially to just those two sufian eyes and fingers holding the brush ! He turned the posterior of the canvas… his eyes strucks – articulating out the words…

At the point when all faculties suffocate in the hues for an appealing creation, Love progresses toward becoming commitment!


Kabir is an ace in art! He comprehended! For Noorie it was a voyage of affection from creation to the maker! That which began from his specialty to her heart and again to her craft… enkindling dialect of faculties with a desire to be articulated just through eyes and unfurled my fingers!

Indeed, even Kabir was uninformed … he was so strongly streamed into her detects! Kabir needed to converse with her, it was past the point of no return! He messages a SMS… Thank you such a great amount of Noorie for this bit of craftsmanship! You genuinely gave me ‘Quietness’!


One SMS ring tringed from her sack kept adjacent to her perusing table !she opened the pack, took a gander at her phone and grinned! At that point abruptly her eyes delay over the notebook! She inquisitively looks through those lines of Kabir! Her eyes stop on to perusing those words…

At the point when all faculties join to be One, a Craftsman is Conceived!


Her eyes loaded up with tears! Heart soaked! Drops of tears fell over ‘Kabir’! With her watery eyes, she delicately kissed his name! That is when KABIR AND NOORIE taste the salty water together and every one of their faculties meet!


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Monica is a moniker for our relationship expert. She's been working as a relationship counselor for over 10 years, and over time, has sharpened her personality. Unlike typical counselors, Monica is not afraid to use a harsher method to resolve certain issues that demand it. Even if she's a virtual entity now, she can still see into your soul.

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