The Love Lust Story

The Love Lust Story

5 years ago when I had just moved to Bangalore to join TCS, the corporate life was very overwhelming to me in all aspects. Within the first year of my job, I was smoking, boozing, having one night stands and what not. My work life sucked so I did what everybody else was doing to get through the frustration and stress. I befriended an App called Tinder to have fun (you obviously know what I mean). No serious relationships, just somebody to have a drink with followed by a drunken make-out session and then no strings attached. I would only swipe right for super hot chicks and it was my luck if they swiped back.

There are girls that you know are way out of your league but you take the risk without any expectations. I did the same for a girl whose profile picture was ultra-sensual and alluring. I could not resist but swipe right despite reading her bio which said: Escort, but not here.” When I saw Suruchi for the first time in the cafe, her body curves aroused the dirtiest intentions in me. Her perfectly toned body had an utterly sophisticated language (perhaps she was taught in her profession to handle special clients). We went to my home after that small coffee date.

coffee dateThat night was one of the best nights of my life. She took off her clothes and asked me to take off mine. I followed her instructions because she was the one with more experience. She told me to sit on the floor. Lighting the candle that she took out from her handbag, she sat in front of me and the candle in between us. The lights were out and could see each others glowing faces in the dark. She asked me to close my eyes. I did. She held my right hand and started touching her body with my hand. I could feel her warm body, her heartbeat, the uneven surfaces while imagining in my mind. Then there were rough surfaces, probably the scars and there were wounds. I started discovering her body with my other hand too. After fifteen minutes I opened my eyes. I picked her up in my arms and cuddled her to sleep. The rest of the night, I cried with her in my arms.

My life had changed completely. I would meet Suchi (that’s what I call her) every weekend and we would make love without making love. It was strange that I was attracted to her body initially and that was the least I wanted because she had exposed her soul to me. Then one day I had to leave her because my parents asked me to get married and she was definitely not marriage material. I decided to move back to my home in Saharanpur to get over her. I was unpacking my stuff when I stumbled upon a book that she had gifted me, Eleven Minutes. I am not much of a reader but I read that book that day because she gave it to me.

weddingSuchi is my wife now and the mother of my twin boys. Eleven Minutes was a story of a prostitute who looked for true love but ended up making wrong decisions because of that and landed in the wrong profession. Eleven Minutes is the average time of sex, something I had not done with Suchi to fall for her. Funny, how a book can actually have such a huge impact on you. I did not tell my family about her past, not because I am embarrassed but because they won’t understand the way I do. Even if they find out, I would fight back for that pure soul. This might sound like an overrated Bollywood movie, but trust me love can knock on your door even when you are staying as a tenant.

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Katie Khanna

Katie Khanna is a hopeless romantic who loves writing about love. An author of a leading romantic novel, she is also an amazing blogger who is never hesitant in giving her opinion.

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