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Should Re-Discover Married Life!

Hi Monica. Neha here from Hyderabad. I was seeing this boy from engineering college, and we were sort of dating for 3 years. Now you know how old-fashioned parents can be. There was pressure from both sides and eventually, we got married immediately after graduation. Now while he got a job in a good company, I am forced to stay at home and do my ‘wifely’ duties. It’s like he’s in the 18th Century! I also found out that he’s not the kind, honest boy he pretended to be. His short-tempered, mean side is now what I see every day. I don’t want to live like this. What can I do?

Hello Neha, and thanks for conveying your distress – because I am here to help. Parents in India can be quite difficult especially when it comes to doing the ‘right thing’ for their children, and for general social acceptance. They desire only happiness for you but end up causing pain – like in your situation. You have been accepting and quiet all this while. Don’t you think it is time, to be honest, and stand up for yourself? It may seem difficult in the beginning, but if you show them that you are truly unhappy in your marriage, they might just help you out. You’re also educated, which makes job finding a slightly easier task if economic problems are what you are worried about.

problems in marriageAnother option is to try and rediscover married life with your husband. Go on a holiday, or try couple-centric activities in order to truly know each other better. Have honest conversations with him, tell him what you want and need from life. Couples’ counseling is always a professional option for you if things can’t be handled very well from your end.

If nothing works out, then you may have to take certain steps that may be tough from the outset – but this is your future that we are talking about, so choose wisely.

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Monica is a moniker for our relationship expert. She's been working as a relationship counselor for over 10 years, and over time, has sharpened her personality. Unlike typical counselors, Monica is not afraid to use a harsher method to resolve certain issues that demand it. Even if she's a virtual entity now, she can still see into your soul.

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