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Something Old, Something Blue; How About Something 3D Too?

Weddings are often the biggest, most lavish event a couple will host; wedding invitations, dresses, suits, tabletop decor, flowers, dinner, and a cake need to be rented or purchased for the big day. Though the ceremony is still steeped in tradition, the way couples go about planning and buying these things has changed significantly over the years, and the development of new technology has a big role in this. Decades ago, couples were limited to what they saw in bridal magazines, what their event planner showed them, or what they saw at weddings of their friends and families. Now, however, they have access to a wealth of ideas on the internet, be it Pinterest or bridal blogs. Social media allows one to experience a wedding they might not have even been invited to!

When there are so many ideas out there, and one has so many options, what do people opt for, to create their perfect wedding? This is where 3D printing comes into the picture. Over the past few years, this technology has made its presence felt in various industries, from automotive to fashion. Due to its ability to customize and re-create just about anything, it has made its presence felt in another major industry as well; the wedding industry. From wedding rings to flower arrangements,  3D printing is allowing people more freedom and choices than ever before. Let’s take a look at some common uses of this technology:

Wedding Rings

3D printed wedding rings have gained popularity in recent months because they come with the advantage of being able to customize the ring. You don’t have to resort to the “one-size-fits-all” approach anymore, as 3D printed wedding rings can be as diverse and special as the couples wearing them. They can be made from different materials, designs, sizes; the possibilities are truly endless! In addition, you can save yourself a trip to the jeweler to get it resized. 3D printing wedding rings can save a good amount of time and, of course, money. How can you not say “I Do” to these?

wedding rings

Wedding Dress

A lot of women spend time creating the perfect wedding dress in their head for the big day but are disappointed when they cannot find one that matches their exact vision. Well, they don’t have to worry about that anymore! Customized wedding gowns are generally expensive, and not everyone can afford them; unfortunately, this applies to 3D printed wedding dresses as well. They take quite long to create and are a little expensive, but are a true work of art! And your wedding day deserves nothing but the best after all.

wedding dress


Wedding Invitations

Forget slips of paper. Forget boring old cards. 3D Printing means you can design and print some of the most creative invitations around! The medium offers new materials, styles, and themes that can reflect the kind of people that you are, and make an impression on your wedding guests. It can also help you stay environment-friendly by using recyclable or biodegradable material; wedding invitations are notoriously unsustainable and often unnecessarily extravagant when the purpose is to convey a message. You can do this and more with 3D printed wedding invitations, and still be good for the environment!


Wedding Cake Toppers

Your special day should include a special keepsake that is cherished forever. Instead of using generic wedding cake toppings, why not print yourself in 3D with customized wedding cake toppers? There are many services that can help. Pretty much every 3D selfie studio in the world can accomplish the task. So if you find yourself browsing cake toppers, keep in mind that you can make a set that perfectly captures the kind of couple that YOU are.

cake topper  

Wedding Bouquets

Flowers made from anything other than flowers are becoming a new trend: wood, paper, plastic, yarn, anything goes! They add a little something extra to the typical bouquet and you don’t have to worry about the money that you spent on them when they start withering up and dying! As 3D prints are scalable, they can be used as decoration or even as a bride‘s bouquet.


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