South Indian Wedding Hairstyles

South Indian Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

While no one can beat the “BIG FAT North Indian Wedding”, India’s rich heritage and culture is too much to be summed up in that. The South Indian states – namely Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka – have their own distinct wedding traditions where you can take inspiration from. South Indian hairstyles are especially attractive, and every soon-to-be bride reading our blog will be excited to see what all can be done with their hair.

In this blog, we give you some bridal/engagement hairdo ideas from all over South India so that you too can take some ideas, and get the hairdo that suits you best.

A good hairstyle doesn’t just compliment your wedding attire, but can also be the centrepiece for your looks.

Here, we use the same categories that are used by bridal makeup artists – namely braids, updos and Buns. Most hairstyles either use one of these elements, or combine them for different looks.

The Traditional Hairdo

Most traditional hairstyles in South India feature a long braid, so this is suitable for brides that have very long, lush hair. The front is parted from the back with a puff, which then descends into a long braid all the way to the back to create a ‘fall’ effect. The base of the puff where the braid begins, is covered with an elaborately long, ornament-like with an assortment of pearls and long flower garlands.

A forehead ornament, or a ‘maang tikka’ often adds to the entire look and keeps you connected with the traditions.

Thick Flower Braid

This style is the best for those who have thick hair, and wish to flaunt it in the best possible way. A single braid is simple, yet elegant, but consider combining that with a mid-parting in the front, along with ample decorations at each step of the braid – like tiny flowers or small gemstones.

The width of each braid should also ideally be thick and curling into the next to fit the ornaments, and you can add a veni at the point where the braids end in a straight lock of hair. Nothing matters on this kind of look like the texture does – it needs to be shiny in order to highlight your locks.

The Razor Straight Hair with a Bun

While there are stereotypes of South Indian women, mainly dominating curls and being obsessed with straight hair, those are just that – stereotypes and nothing more. In fact, South Indian women have adopted straight hair in their bridal hairdo for a long time.

This style features a clipped, severe hairline in the front to accentuate the forehead (bindis and ornaments are necessary), and the middle has to be a bun which then descends into long, razor straight locks. The bun is upswept, which makes the contrast of the long hair very attractive to look at, and it should descend in and around the shoulders.

The High Puff with a Bun

This one works really well with short hair. The high puff gives immense volume and protects your hair tips from extraneous damage by folding and curving them inward. In addition to that, it leaves your neck open for accessorization options like an elegant necklace.

The front area can also be curled extra in order to complete the look, and the bun, combined with some strategically placed pins can adjust your hair to give it a wholesome look that goes very well with a traditional saree. You can also add hair extensions if your hair’s a little too short – but the south Indian wedding will benefit with your presence for sure!

The Bun and Side Parting

Another one for those with shorter hair, this is also one of the easiest looks to execute. It is a standard bun that allows for your front hair to be free, so that they can be swept into a side parting that blankets the face (to highlight whatever you think your good side is).

Of course, the look can be easily amped up with ornate stones – and if the ceremony is too traditional, flowers are your go-to hack.

The Twisted Mermaid

This is the ‘one size fits all’ kind of hairstyle that can suit any face shape for the quintessential Indian bride. Here, you grab an inch of your hair, and create several side-twists from it. You can hold it down with pins, and keep alternating the side twists till you reach halfway. The rest of the hairdo is then braided – and voila, we have the twisted mermaid.

You can also use mermaid braids from both the sides and join them in the middle and secure them with pins. Combine this with an pen wavy hairstyle that falls on your shoulders. Again, ornaments and flowers can obviously be used to improve the hairdo. This style also easily accommodates for extensions if your hair is too short.

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