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The Wedswing Lists: Top 10 Wedding Set Designers In India

A wedding set designer or a decorator plays one of the most crucial roles in any wedding. Without the wedding designer, your wedding might as well be a clutter of a few different elements put together with no theme, no feeling, and no master plan for your wedding. To imagine what can go wrong, think of a badly designed film set. What if one of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s sets was falling apart as you see some romance, or some action unfold? The story suddenly won’t matter. People will just point to the shabby set.

Since we cannot mess up your special day, we need your set to be perfect. So, here’s an awesome list just for you! Here, we give you an updated list of the best wedding planners in the business. Don’t forget to bookmark this page!

10 Best Wedding Set Designers in India

Weddings, by Gurleen M Puri (Location: Mumbai)

Weddings, by Gurleen M Puri, Mumbai

Gurleen Puri is one of the best in the business, but her pricing matches her clientele. She’s got clients like Saif and Kareena, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, the Adanis’, Subroto Roy Sahara – you name the luxury wedding project and she’s been on it. Her team also creates everything in-house, from the décor, the props, the floral arrangements, carpentry – everything. On her website, you’ll find an assortment of themes and state setups, ranging from the blue-hue Bedrut Palace to Samarkand to even Tibetan décor, if you wish it.

Visit the website here.

Q Events, by Geeta Samuels (Location: New Delhi)

Q Events, by Geeta Samuels - New Delhi

Q Events was established in 2001 and continues to give a gold standard of service to date. They mean serious business with over 300 members in their team, and specialize in wedding decor, as they are one of the very few teams to have an in-house production facility. This means that all your wedding decor will be made from scratch, customized as per your wish, and Q events won’t rely on external vendors. This also means that they have nearly-perfect quality control and do everything from the flowers to the furniture.

Visit the website here.

Ferns & Petals (FNP) Decor (Location: New Delhi)

Ferns & Petals (FNP) Decor - New Delhi

FNP is another very reputed company with over 20 years of experience. They’ve seen the rise of the wedding industry as we know it, and have provided quality decor for an innumerable number of weddings by now. In fact, if you’re conscious of your surroundings, chances are that you’ve at least seen an FNP outlet in one of the major Indian cities. They’re the friendly neighborhood florists! While FNP is a one-stop shop for all your wedding concerns, their specialization is in the world of decor, and especially – you guessed it – floral arrangements. Your wedding will truly reflect your personality with these guys.

Visit the website here.

The Wedding Design Company by Vandana Mohan (Location: Noida, NCR)

The Wedding Design Company by Vandana Mohan - Noida, NCR

Vandana Mohan’s expertise goes beyond your conventional wedding. She launched Backstage Productions in 1989 (yes, many of you weren’t even born yet) and has partnered with a top of the line luxury brands like Gucci and Chanel to give her exclusive clients the most luxurious experiences possible. Her talents led to the formation of the Wedding Design Company (WDC) that specializes in wedding decor. With the experience of that level, you can be rest assured that even the most dull-looking space can be transformed by her team!

Visit the website here.

Dreamzkraft by Priti Sidhwani (Location: Mumbai)

Dreamzkraft by Priti Sidhwani - Mumbai

Dreamzkraft is an agency known to have a keen eye for detail and top of the line finishing. You want a small intimate setting? Or a lavish, over the top feel? Or something in the middle? Like their name states, your dream wedding needs to be a reality, and they are the perfect decorators for the job. Mrs. Sidhwani, who has been in the business for over a decade has produced a lot of breathtaking designs and hundreds of satisfied clients and guests.

Visit the website here.

3D Design & Decor, by Dinaz Noria (Location: Hyderabad)

3D Design & Decor, by Dinaz Noria - Hyderabad

Dinaz Noria herself has an unusual story. She was an air hostess in British Airways and didn’t know that she would ever do weddings, until Mussadilal, a famous jeweller, saw her decorating a storefront. She has more than proved her talents by working with clients like the Ambanis and possesses over 20 years of experience to boot. Just like fine wine, her agency only gets better as it ages. She’s the go-to person for all things floral and has gained repute only through word of mouth. Should give you an idea of how good her work is!

Visit the website here.

Devika Narain & Company (Location: Mumbai)

Devika Narain & Company - Mumbai

Devika Narain unexpectedly tasted success in the world of wedding decor after being inspired at the tender age of 13 by the movie ‘The Wedding Planner’. She’s been a journalist, a teacher, and a painter. All those things have shaped her to be a truly unique, empathetic wedding set designer who puts the client’s needs before anything else. Despite having only 4 years in the field, she has now become renowned after she used her talents for the Virushka wedding.

Visit the website here.

Kashmir Flower House (Location: New Delhi)

Kashmir Flower House - New Delhi

The Kashmir Flower House doesn’t do much advertising or intense marketing. Also, they’re very localized – they only do events in New Delhi, so the residents there will have a cause to celebrate. Why did we include such a niche decorator in our list? Well, that’s because they’re just that good! Wherever they’ve had a chance, they have shown nothing but exclusivity, customer satisfaction and creativity in every installation. Hit them up to see creative floral arrangements of the kind that you’ve never even imagined.

Visit the website here.

New Variety Decorators (Location: New Delhi)

New Variety Decorators - New Delhi

This is easily the most established, oldest wedding set designer service in India. They executed their first wedding in 1954 (yes, 1954!). They have got the ability to read the minds of the client, and always meet them halfway when it comes to taking creative decisions. They seamlessly blend decor and design concept with client requirements. They also provide complete turnkey wedding solutions and work on all sorts of decor – indoor, outdoor, destination, traditional – whatever you desire.

The success mantra of this business has always been blending its decoration and design concepts with the demands of the client. Whether it is outdoor or indoor decor, elegant or flamboyant, destination or traditional wedding, this company has a very creative and professional team to deliver what you desire.

Visit the website here.

Theme Weavers by Prerna Saxena (Location: Gurugram, NCR)

Theme Weavers by Prerna Saxena - Gurugram

Prerna has her background in the banking sector, but that’s not a testament to her creative skills. Her company, Theme Weavers, has been creating spellbinding experiences with wedding set design for the last 11 years. Her ingenious skills have given her company of being one of the most reliable set designers out there. Creativity and quality are assured because they hire nothing but the best from top end fashion and design institutions in the country.

Visit the website here.

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