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Top 10 Wedding Photographers In India! (2019)

Wedding photography is a serious business in India. When you consider current trends and the amount of money spent on the big fat Indian wedding, you’ll know it. There are very few individuals (or couples) who wouldn’t want to keep their wedding memories safe in big, fat ultra-HD formats. Since the evolution of the camera and cloud storage, it’s become easy-peasy to click and store many pictures as you want. Now that also means that there are quite a few wedding photographers in India with powerful cameras roaming around. You don’t want one of those to be handling your wedding because “candids acchi kheech leta hai” (he clicks good candids), or “uncle ne Naya DSLR le Liya toh wedding photos le hi lenge” (uncle bought a new DSLR so he’ll take wedding pictures).

As we’re so committed to making your wedding life smooth, here’s another useful, well-researched list of the top 10 wedding photographers in India. Love, drama, excitement, sadness, celebration, ecstasy and beauty – they can capture it all for you in spellbinding detail. Let’s have a big hand for them! 

List of Top 10 Indian Wedding Photographers

1. Photo Tantra (New Delhi)

Photo Tantra was founded by Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel in 2009. As a lawfully wedded couple, one can perhaps argue that they do understand wedding & couple-centric photography to a deeper extent. They started this to explore new cultures, customs, food, and people, which sets them apart from the standard candid wedding photographers in India.

Photo Tantra - Wedding Photographer DelhiThey’ve been featured in top-tier travel and luxury magazines like Vogue, Conde Nast, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Femina, The Telegraph; the list is quite a mouthful. They mix photojournalistic techniques with wedding photography to create their unique style, which is much sought after by clients in India and all over the world. If you’re looking for something that’s totally out of the ordinary, then these are definitely the ones for you!

Visit the website here.

2. Naman Verma (New Delhi)

Naman Verma’s webpage looks like a Fine Art catalog, and why shouldn’t it? He’s been awarded the WeddingSutra photographer for 2018. He forte is destination weddings with pitch-perfect shoots all over India, from Jaisalmer to Kovalam and Goa to the Andamans.

Naman Verma - Wedding Photographer New DelhiHe’s also got a hefty portfolio with an array of brands like Vogue, Brides Today, Verve and others to back him up. Many satisfied customers will tell you that their wedding album looks like it’s been curated by an art historian – such is the technical and creative brilliance of his work. Want nothing but class oozing from your own wedding photoshoots? He’s the guy you want.

Visit the website here.

3. Twogether Studios by Arjun and PrernaKartha (Haryana)

The second couple on our list, Twogether Studios is a family-run venture by Arjun and PrernaKartha. They’re also one of the pioneers of what wedding photographers in India call ‘candid photoshoots’. They’ve been in the business for over 10 years, and are considered to be among the top five wedding photographers in India right now.

Together Studios by Arjun and PrernaKartha Their only hitch is that again, they take up very limited clients through the year (so hurry if you like their work) but to overturn that, their photography is gold-class. If you don’t believe us, perhaps you’d be more convinced when you know that they’ve been featured on NDTV, Hindustan Times, The Huffington Post, Forbes, TOI, Pop XO, India Today, CNBC TV 18, DNA – we could go on and on, but I think we’ve made our point. Your go-to couple for class, elegance, exclusivity and sheer talent in the wedding photography world!

Visit the website here.

4. Moonstruck Weddings (Chennai)

Karthik Srinivasan’s name is famous in celebrity and fashion circles due to his reputation as a photographer in those fields. To top that, he’s also been a model himself! So, what happens when this guy takes his talent to the world of wedding photography? The answer is found in the creation and work of Moonstruck Weddings; known to have the most well-connected professional network in the world of Indian wedding photographers.

Candid Photographer- Wedding Photographer ChennaiMoonStruck Weddings Karthik’s network of stylists, designers, makeup artists, and fashion consultants make up the most complete package you’re going to get in terms of industry standards. The result? Your wedding photoshoot may well be a fashion catalog where you might not even recognize yourself because of how stunning you look! So if a top-notch, fashion-focused shoot is what you’re looking for, Moonstruck is what you need.

Visit the website here.

5. Ramit Batra (New Delhi)

Ramit Batra, a disgruntled engineer, went on to ditch his baggage and study filmmaking where he cracked a job in UTV Motion Pictures. Somewhere down the line between mentoring, traveling, shooting and other things – he started his wedding photography journey. Since then, he’s taken his craft to newer heights with his blog being the seventh most popular wedding photography blog in the world.

Ramit Batra - Wedding Photographer New DelhiHis name is now among the topmost wedding photographers in India, and his work is featured in the best in-flight magazines and luxury catalogs too. Jet, Vistara, Indigo, Singapore Airlines and not to mention bigger names like Vogue and Marie Claire have featured his work. Ramit simply has a natural talent for wedding photography. Go for him if you seek pure professionalism and thoroughly vetted credentials.

Visit the website here.

6. Navdeep Soni (Pune)

Navdeep firmly believes that the wedding photographer’s own personality is a very important addition to the entire wedding itself. With his love for travel and his obsession with those ‘romantic moments that go unseen’, Navdeep is an enthusiastic, friendly photographer that manages to create a great rapport with his clients.

Navdeep Soni - Wedding Photographer PuneHis work speaks for itself as he’s been featured on The National Geographic Traveler Magazine, along with the TOI, Asian Photography, the Pune Mirror and many more. Want someone who’s not just a casual bystander but takes an active interest in your wedding, and most importantly, you? He’s high on our recommendations list!

Visit the website here.

7. Focuz Studios (Chennai)

Focuz Studios was founded by ChandruBharathy in 2010, where he earlier functioned as a one-man army. He did the shooting, the editing, the printing and executed all the operations himself. This gave him the expertise and experience to eventually create a thriving wedding photography studio with 25 full-time members. Focuz, through his effort, has become a lauded name in the world of top wedding photographers in India.

Focuz Studios - Wedding Photographer ChennaiHe and his passionate team share the love of storytelling – which is the focus of their elaborate, stunning wedding shoots. Their work is also praised by many clients from both India and abroad, and their specialty is destination weddings. Wedding Vows, Deccan Chronicle, We Magazine, and many, many others will attest to their brilliance. If you like to drive, persistence and vision in a company, then Focuz Studios should be your go-to people.

Visit the website here.

8. Pixel Story.In (Bangalore)

The third couple on our list! PixelStory was the brainchild of engineers Sudha and Mukesh, both of whom shared a passion for travel and food-based tourism. These guys love mingling with the guests. Since they know client intimately, they also create the most visually-appealing wedding photos possible.

Pixel Story - Wedding Photographer BangaloreTheir wedding shoot stories read like personal diary entries since they take time to observe the entire process. They also take up limited assignments. If you look at the top wedding photographers in India (generally) then you’ll see that exclusivity and a personal connection to the photographer adds a special touch to your photoshoots. So if you’re the type who likes special attention and exclusivity, we’d definitely recommend these guys.

Visit the website here.

9. Fotosutra (Kolkata)

Prasanta Sinha left his well-paying IT job to switch things up for something more creative but unpredictable – wedding photography. Fotosutra is the result of his efforts, and while he himself started taking pictures in 2010, his work has already been exhibited in London by Sony and in Mumbai by Epson – and in a year, he also became Canvera’s wedding photographer of the year.

Fotosutra - Wedding Photographer KolkataAs can be clearly seen, his passion for photography, in general, is intense – and Fotosutra’s work will show you nothing but highly well thought out shots, impeccable detail and clever use of color and natural light. Fotosutra  Fotosutra should be your choice of a wedding photographer!

10. Sharik Verma (New Delhi)

Sharik Verma is another underdog among the top wedding photographers in India. His work more than makes up for his lack of publicity. He left his job at WIPRO to take up wedding and travel photography and is one of those niche names out there. He’s also never really found in one particular place since his schedule is full of destination wedding shoots, which he is extremely good at.

Sharik Verma - Wedding Photographer New DelhiIn fact, if your wedding is a destination wedding, you can shut your eyes and choose him over others who offer ten different kinds of wedding photography services. He has a keen eye for natural landscapes and timing, which he combines to create the most organically beautiful shots.

Visit the website here.

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