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Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists in India For Every Style

Whether you’re a hardcore make-up junkie or one who only believes in the modest liner-and-lip gloss ritual for every damned occasion, if it’s your much-awaited wedding day (or your BFF’s), you gotta up your game of getting dressed and rocking that look with killer make-up. After all, this is the day where all of the lights will be on you, girl!

While you’ll spend countless feet-numbing days to try on that perfect designer lehenga, make-up comes in at the last moment. But does that mean you can let Lady Luck decide whether you look straight out of a fairytale or a like spilled colour palette? Hell, no! Look for your kinda make-up artist well in advance and book the day to get your pretty self pampered right before you hit the spotlight! The artists are right here, and yes, there’s one for every kinda style:

Here’s a list of the top 10 bridal makeup artists in India

  1. Ambika Pillai (Delhi NCR)
  2. An award-winning artist who’s worked with many Bollywood celebrities, she’s a very well known name in Delhi and Mumbai. She’s known to transform brides on their D-day with her amazing makeup as well as hair styling techniques. From heavy makeup for that typical bride look to the minimalistic yet classy style suitable for parties and engagements, Ambika has created looks for many a bride and her girlies. She’s difficult to get during wedding seasons, so you need to book her services well in advance, to avoid last-minute panic and pancake faces (uh-oh).

    Ambika Pillai- bridal makeup artists

  3. Chandni Singh (Delhi)
  4. Perfect for ladies who like the fresh and dewy look without going over the top with makeup, Chandni is an easy-going and super friendly makeup professional in Delhi. She makes her clients look all-natural and glowing by creating the perfect base, something that girls like you and me can never do in a lifetime! She’s based out of New Delhi and can be booked from her own website for a complete makeover – from hair and makeup to draping and nail art.

    Chandni-Singh- bridal makeup artists

  5. Daniel Bauer (Mumbai)
  6. One of the most sought after artists of India, Daniel has worked for Bollywood divas like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut and Kareena Kapoor – creating looks for movie promotions, red carpet appearances as well as advertisements. That being said, he still finds time for real-life brides, preparing glamorous divas for a perfect picture-ready day under the lights. He’s also been featured in top magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, which explains why you need to book him atleast 6-months in advance.

    Daniel-Bauer- bridal makeup artists

  7. Michelle Montes (Delhi)
  8. Another celebrity stylist who believes less-is-more when it comes to makeup, Michelle is very subtle with very makeup style, creating soft eyes and a natural yet elegant look. Being in the industry for more than 10 years with a base in Delhi, she takes her clients’ needs into account before starting with her work. Find her a little too plain? Take her in for cocktails and other parties.

    Michelle-Montes- bridal makeup artists

  9. Vidya Tikari (New Delhi)
  10. Yet another popular makeup artist who can completely transform your looks in an artistic manner, Vidya seeks to put her subjects somewhere in the middle of being outrightly glittery and minimalistic. Her creative style has transformed many a plain Jane to a drool-worthy diva. Based out of New Delhi, she has also decked up the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone. If you’re the one who likes to experiment with her looks in a subtle manner, then Vidya is the artist for you!

    Vidya-Tikari- bridal makeup artists

  11. Bharat and Dorris (Mumbai)
  12. The popular makeup duo from Mumbai is known for creating stunning brides with a very soft and natural look that looks flawless as well as fresh. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, they were the proud stylists for Deepika Padukone in Om Shanti Om. They have also developed their own line of skin care products, as they understand how different products work on different skin and hair types. The best part – they even travel to the venue for destination weddings and parties. What more can one ask for?

    Bharat-and-Dorris- bridal makeup artists

  13. Aliya Baig (Hyderabad)
  14. Consistently ranked among the top makeup artists in India, Aliya is one artist who has seen the brides and cultures of all the different regions of the country. She’s been a part of the Rajput style destination weddings in Udaipur and Jaipur, lavish Punjabi weddings in Northern India, charismatic and culture-rich Bengali weddings, the elegant South Indian weddings and even the weddings held outside of India.

    Her versatility is what makes her the favourite of all brides-to-be. Coming from the royal city of Hyderabad, she creates an absolute sophisticated and royal look for all her clients by giving the skin a fresh glow and creating beautiful cat eyes with a lot of shimmer. Owing to her popularity, she gets booked almost 7-8 months in advance.

    Aliya-Baig- bridal makeup artists

  15. Jasmeet Kapany (New Delhi)
  16. Jasmeet’s makeup is all about glamour. Her bold style includes rich, well-defined and glittery eyes as well as that perfect pout in a bold color. Go ahead, pamper yourself with a look that makes you stand out completely on your D-day.

    Jasmeet-Kapany- bridal makeup artists

  17. Pakkhi Pahuja (Mumbai)
  18. Pakkhi is one makeup artist who has a style for every bride. Beautiful and well-defined eyes, fuller arched eyebrows and fresh and dewy skin – if this is what makes your jaws drop, then you’ve come to the right place. Being the perfectionist she is, her strokes bring out the natural beauty of the face and highlight the most important features, creating a magical makeover for the bride.

    Pakkhi-Pahuja- bridal makeup artists

  19. Aakriti Kochar (Delhi)
  20. Aakriti offers a complete package for the bride and her bridesmaids, to create that perfect we’re-in-it-together feeling, especially if you’re twinning with your soul-sister. With her fresh and clean skin and defined eyes style of makeup, Aakriti has won many a heart in Delhi. She even offers courses for those of us who are yet to understand the art of makeup and struggle to get ready for the smallest of occasions.

    Aakriti-Kochar- bridal makeup artists

These were a few of those behind-the-curtain stylists who help all the trendy brides out there transform their day to a lifetime of memories. Like them, we too insist on going with a tried-and-tested artist for the most important day of your life, because those are the hands that will help you shine bright like a diamond, or not!

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