Top 10 Wedding Planners in India

Top 10 Wedding Planners In India

A typical Indian wedding – be it a Punjabi one or a Maharashtrian one-is always slated to be a memorable affair in the lives of the bride and groom. Well, to make something memorable, we need to make sure it sticks in the imagination of all those present to attend it. As the bride/groom, or one of the parents, even, planning a wedding is nothing short of mind-blowingly hectic.

The remedy is pretty simple, and I’m sure you’re already considering this since you’re browsing our article with this title: Wedding Planners.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 wedding planners in India and see what they’ve got in store!

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  • L’amore Weddings

L’amore as an agency has a moderate amount of experience – more than 9 years since its inception in the USA. Ms. Gunjan Bansal, the founder, managed to make her mark in this industry by successfully executing weddings till 2013, where she finally was awarded the ‘Most Promising Wedding Planner’ by Ravishing Magazine.

Wedding Planner - lamoreweddings

Now, she’s made her base in Haryana after her stint in America and delivers the same international standard of excellence through L’amore. While she does plan on-site weddings, she also possesses a brilliant track record of destination weddings, awarded by tourism magazines in Italy, Thailand, and Goa. Her agency is the perfect blend of great service backed by experience and fair pricing. Their services include venue selection, theme decor, entertainment (performance of dance), video/photography to cover the full event and catering. Apart from this they also provide bridal makeup and mehndi or henna art.

  • Elite Wedding Planners

The Elite Wedding Planners hail from Mumbai, and they too, come with their fair share of experience. Their company was founded in 2011 by the SR Event Planners, specifically for weddings, and they now boast of over 7 years of service with over 140 weddings executed successfully.

Elite Wedding Planners

While they do offer the complete bespoke wedding experience, they also have specifically targeted services like venue scouting, décor, hospitality and guest management, photography and even logistics.

  • Regal Weddings

Regal Weddings, hailing from Udaipur, is actually one of the oldest players on the block, with their specialty being destination weddings. They have been around for over 14 years and have planned, and coordinated weddings for over 400 couples overseas. This number will drastically increase if you add to their wedding count from Goa and Kerala.

Regal Wedding Planners

If a destination wedding is more your style, then these guys should definitely be on the top of your list. They cover everything from consultation services, to planning, coordination, and hospitality.  

  • Neeta Raheja

Neeta Raheja is an unusual name in this list because she rarely plans a wedding that is less than 2 million dollars. That’s right, you heard that correctly. She would have been at the very top if not for her pricing – but, if you can fork over the dough, you’ve got yourself a true wedding artist on your hands.

Neeta Raheja  

She founded her firm, Very Truly Yours in 1993 after she took a full-fledged course on the subject at Colombia University. She’s been in the game for way too long – a time where grandmoms used to handle the Indian family wedding planning scenario. As a planner, Neeta knows the crème de la crème of any sort of wedding element – be it, performers, to florists, henna artists, choreographers, hair stylists and what have you – and uses the right combination to cater to the taste of her clients.    

  • Wedding Planners Goa

While grand weddings are definitely the trend, we have something for those who wish for something a little more intimate and small-scale. Wedding Planners Goa, as the name suggests, specializes in executing personalized weddings in Goa for NRI’s, foreigners and anyone else who wishes for such a setup.

Goa Wedding Planners

They also provide the complete package – or will assist you on any particular aspect of your choice, depending on your needs, like narrowing down on your guest list or even helping you design a stunning wedding card.

  • Marry Me

Marry Me Wedding Planners hail from Mumbai, and have been in the business since 2010. They plan and execute weddings of all sizes and budgets, particularly in Mumbai and Goa but also across India.

Their clientele is also vast and includes foreigners and Indians with successfully planned weddings of all faiths and cultures. Another little bonus is that the initial consultation with Marry Me is free so that you can test the waters.

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  • Divya Vithika

A company whose founders have both held the title of Miss India in 1998 and 99 respectively – they met when Divya passed her crown to Vithika, and in 2009, started a full-fledged company. Their founders promise the element of style and glamour that comes to naturally to them and is seen through their work.

Divya Vithika

These Bangalore-based planners have handled many high-profile and NRI weddings. They are also quite flexible even if it’s a big event, or a smaller scale creative wedding. Their experience extends across a wide range of backgrounds and budgets.

  • 3 Productions

Another renowned name from Bangalore, 3 Productions is a subsidiary of E.I. Green Management LLP, who boast of over 15 years in the event management space. Their dynamic, project-centric approach guarantees a high degree of efficiency above all else.

3 Productions

They bring the more fun-filled, innovative approach to weddings with them and take the tension off of you by handing you personalized check-lists so that the process is transparent and hassle-free.  

  • Reynold Weddings

We seem to be going way back in time for this one. Reynold Weddings, a division of Reynold Events and Promotions was established in the year 1990. Although they are based in Goa, they have almost 23 years of experience in weddings of all backgrounds and religions.

Reynold Wedding Planner

Another unique thing about them is that they don’t rely too much on other providers for their planning and execution, since they own most of the required infrastructure – from tables and lighting, to soundproof generators and audio-visual equipment. All of this is housed in an area of over 20000 square feet, and also have a wedding mall in an additional 20000 square feet more. The best preppers in the industry, perhaps?

  • E-Factor

E-factor is a big, big name – not just when it comes to weddings but bespoke events of all kinds – be it concerts, televised events, private social events and more. Set up in 2001, they have a long and successful association with many big and small clients alike.  

They have a 34-member team with a panel of skilled craftsmen and band of highly qualified designers that add the extra edge to their services. With offices in New Delhi, Jaipur, the Middle East, South East and Europe, their thought processes have a global perspective – so don’t hesitate to check them out!

E-Factor Wedding Planner

Even if you’re sitting in your seat now, thinking that you can flawlessly plan and execute one, think again. It’s not something that you can try a hand at, or take a shot at like bowling for the first time! It’s your wedding.

So, if you’re planning to hire a wedding planner for your dream experience, we want to make sure we got you covered: at least when it comes to the research bit.

The choice is ultimately yours. One thing to remember is that customer experience always varies when it comes to your specific case, even from one planner to another. Our list tries to be as objective as possible in this regard.

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