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Top 5 Jewellery Renting Portals for the Indian Bride

Jewellery renting may have been something like a sin if you were to ask your grandparents. Sure, they ‘rented’ each other’s stuff all the time, but the passing down of family jewelry from mother-to-daughter was considered too sacred to be messed with. Making new jewellery is even better, because you add on to your ever-growing collection!

However, let’s take some special cases. What if you’re like Sneha, who has her own wedding coming up in 8 months – but before that, she has to attend marriage functions back to back for a couple of months? It’s her distant relatives and close friends, so saying ‘no’ isn’t an option. While she can buy an exquisite jewelry set for her own wedding, should she blow off more money for the other functions?

Or, what if she wants different jewellery sets for her own 5-event wedding? Something modern for the cocktail but ceremonial for the Haldi? These are all obvious questions, and if you’re loaded as hell, you don’t need to skimp at all! However, buying 4-5 jewellery sets is a considerable expense for even upper-class folks.

The answer? Renting your jewellery seems like a simple, cheap and effective solution. Modern brides don’t think they’re losing face, or respect when they rent jewellery. The younger generation actually values practicality over indulgences, so this fits in quite nicely.

The folks at Wedswing now bring you a nice list of jewellery renting portals. These will help you get the set of your dreams for any occasion: be it your own wedding, or your bestie’s. Let’s get started!

Note: We shall be doing a separate article for jewelry stores that rent stuff out, but this is exclusively for online portals.

Best 5 Jewellery Renting Portals in India

1. Eves24


Eves24 is the brainchild of Rahul Banka who started this brilliant venture because of his aunt complaining about – you guessed it – not wanting to wear the same set of emeralds for yet another function.

This Mumbai based startup allows you rent and purchase jewellery you can opt for a membership with a security deposit which is 110% of the membership value. The usage fee is 5% of the jewellery value.

The security deposit actually works as customers can treat it as a bank account – Eves24 even gives 5% interest on it! What makes Eves24 truly unique is all their jewelry is 100% authentic, be it diamonds, gold or other precious materials. This is an exception in India as most of our other portals will rent out imitation (nevertheless very good) jewelry.

So, go ahead and rent away.

2. RentitBae

RentitBae is an Indian fashion startup, founded in 2016 by Anchal Saini and her husband Jaspreet Singh Gujral. Their expertise is varying, from management to business, and from law to tech in the case of their CTO Karandeep Singh Gujral who has worked with Google.

With an expansion in over 11 cities, RentitBae is not limited to jewelry alone. They also keep a wide selection of other wedding attire. From high-end luxury labels like Anita Dongre, Tarun Tahilani and Ritu Kumar, to high-street, affordable brands, these guys want to make wedding fashion truly affordable for all.

Their main selling point is perhaps the ‘unlimited fashion subscription’ starting INR 3999, which allows the customer to rent clothes, accessories and more repeatedly in a set time period (1-2-6-12 months) – giving them a lot of freedom to sport different looks every day!

3. Rentjewels


Taruna Biyani is a New Delhi based jewellery designer who has over a decade of experience in the Industry. Her initiative, Rentjewels, offers competitive pricing that gives her the edge over other brands who involve middlemen and other people in the supply chain. Since Biyani designs and produces her own jewellery, she boasts a far more affordable rate of INR 1500-15000.

Her site is very handy as the user can segregate her jewelry collection according to the occasion: Bridal, engagement, cocktail, sangeet and so on.

Pick up and drop services are included, along with each piece being sanitized using ultrasonic equipment – so most of your hassles are already taken care of!

4. Muhurtham Jewels

Muhurtham Jewels

While Muhurtham Jewels, hailing from Chennai, provide a more traditional option, their quality is pretty much top notch. Their site isn’t all that web friendly as compared to the other options we have here – but they do have a beautiful collection of South Indian jewellery that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

They also deliver all over India, so don’t worry too much; while also giving combo-based options and so on. Give them a try!

5. Dazzles Jewelry

Dazzles Jewelry

Dazzles Jewellery has been a somewhat low-key venture, but they’re definitely in the market for good – despite it being one year of operation. They’re exclusively dedicated towards imitation jewelry and all its permutations and combinations.

Dazzles also has a fairly comprehensive site, and an exhaustive return policy that you may go through in case you want to clarify a few things. However, it’s not a bad option at all for all your wedding jewelry-based needs.

Honorable Mentions: Flyrobe, Luxepick

You’ll most likely find these companies mentioned on other lists if you’re doing your research on jewelry rentals online. However, our investigation suggests that Luxepick’s website has been down for awhile now (no twitter activity, etc. too since October 2017).

Flyrobe, on the other hand, does not seem to be showcasing their jewelry collection online anymore. They still have a brilliant collection of wedding attire for the bride and groom, with categorizations for every occasion, so check them out!

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