top wedding videographers in India

Top 10 Wedding Videographers in India

Weddings are one of the most important days of your life. People spend months, at times years,  outlining & preparing for this special day. And the worst thing about this day is – it flashes by in a jiffy & all you’re left with is – memories.

One of the best ways to look back on this beautiful day is through your wedding photos. You look at them, you smile, you laugh. It’s a beautiful experience, yet moderately overwhelming. But what is there was another way to relive all those moments? Well, wedding photos are just the snapshots of your big day, whereas a video is an entire moment – right in front of you. A wedding video is a wonderful tool which provides captivating & complete memories of YOUR day.

Capturing all those memories is not a child’s play. If you wish to keep those moments fresh like they were captured yesterday only – you’ll need some professional hands for that. This is because it is your wedding we’re talking about.

So Here’s our list of top 10 wedding Videographers in India:

  1. Yadhu Photography, Chennai

  2. Yadhu Photography understands the fact very well that the spirit of a wedding center around the couple, it is your day & they ensure the video tells your unique story. The modern style they possess & the talent they have presents you with a video which goes much beyond the finery & splendor. They are pretty great with capturing rituals in the event.

  3. Studio Art, Mumbai

  4. This team of highly expert photographers use their wondeous skillset to capture your special day like nothing else. Each and every miniature detail of the function, every ritual, every ceremony is reorded with utmost precision & care. Also, artistic candid photography & videography is their forte.

  5. Studio Focus Vision, Delhi

  6. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, Ravi Chatkara’s videography never fails to elude us. Ravi specializes in creative videography where time & again he has captured beautiful candid moments that otherwise would be forgotten. If you are looking for the perfect angles with excellent quality videos – Ravi is your guy for sure.

  7., Pune

  8. Mehul Chimthankar is able to represent all the deep sentiments in any wedding with such grace & beauty which can’t be put into words. From the anticipation of the groom to the careful preparation of the bride – Mehul is able to showcase various human emotions with his outstanding contemporary style.

  9. Chaitu’s Media, Kurnool

  10. Someone with an in-depth understanding of human nature can only bring out the innate beauty of his subjects & Krishna Chaitanya from the Chaitu’s Photography is really good with that stuff. They say that it is his deep-felt enthusiasm in human emotions which qualifies him to be the videography pundit he is.

  11. Perfect Picture India, Mumbai

  12. Founded by two brothers – Jatin & Rohit Rohira, Perfect Picture specializes in documenting destination weddings. Over a period of 5 years, they have completed over 100 weddings. The art & vision of Rohira brothers have the inclination to memorialize your story with their photographic narrations.

  13. The Wedding Canvas, Kolkata

  14. The tinkling of wedding bells bring a joyous moment along & The Wedding Canvas paints a pretty picture all the fortunate & important moments at your wedding.  Their forte is Bengali Weddings but we are pretty sure they can rock any wedding anytime & wave a lucid narrative to your special event.

  15. Fotosutra, Kolkata.

  16. Founded in the year 2012 by Prasanta Singha, an award-winning photographer & videographer, Fotosutra is the company which specializes in contemporary candid photography & videography. Prasanta himself possesses expertise in photography storytelling & creative editing – ensuring his clients that he tells the best of your story.

  17. Coffee Stains, Bangalore

  18. They say that Coffee Stains has the superpower to seize each & every moment of your big day. They literally don’t miss a thing – from a smile you both exchange to the fleeting moment where he takes your hand into his. Coffee Stains are the best people you can find when it comes to present angles & creative compositions.

  19. Memories By Rahul Tilokani & Prakash Tilokani, Baroda

  20. Prakash’s interest in photography & videography started at a very young age & by now, he has won over 22 national & international awards. On the other hand, Rahul Tilokani is a renowned film school graduate. Together, they have created a team of creative personnel who all come together & turn your big-day into something you can cherish for the rest of your life.

    So this was our list of top 10 wedding videographers, who have the talent & will to turn your wedding video is a wonderful tool which provides captivating & complete memories of your big day.

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