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Turkish Weddings – A Boisterous Affair

Turkey has one leg in Asia and the other in Europe and this positioning gives the country its modern character. Turkey is vastly rich in culture and due to its historical importance remains a tourist hotspot. One defining aspect of that culture is its weddings.

Turkish weddings tend to be a boisterous affair. With a long list of guests sent out to distant friends and relatives, people ensure nobody is left out. Don’t be surprised if you happen to receive an invitation while on a pleasure trip to Turkey.

There’s a feeling of togetherness and reverence about Turkish weddings. For tourists, these weddings are an excellent opportunity to experience the rich culture and vibrancy of this multiethnic country.

With the passage of time no doubt the modern generation is turning its back onto some of the ancient traditions, but the innocuous remnants are still maintained in any part of the country. If that’s given a kick to your curiosity, then keep reading this blog. You’ll get a complete sense of what weddings are like in Turkey:

Henna or Kina night

Henna, also known as Kina is a small celebration that takes place about a week or two before the wedding.

The bride dresses in a gown of her choice and celebrates the evening with friends and family. After the celebration, she changes back into the more traditional outfit, known as bindable.

At this time, the groom and his friends pay a visit to the bride’s house and wait outside for their entry. The groom is accompanied by the bride and together they make the entrance to a traditional song.

Young, single women walk in front of them holding out candles. The couple is required to walk in three circles before taking their seats.

Finally, an elder member of the family starts the ceremony by placing henna on the palms of the bride and groom. The in-laws have to pay a gold coin to have the closed fist of the groom opened.

turkish weddings

The Processions In Wedding

Weddings all over Turkey tend to be slightly different based either on the regional traditions or the upbringing of the bride and groom. In the remote village districts, the families of the marrying couple spend no more than three days in preparation and celebration of the wedding.

In villages, no one really is a stranger and weddings often turn into a community celebration. The festivities often take place at the public square. The local women prepare the food for the guests and men play musical instruments for everyone to join in and dance late into the night.

The wedding scenes in cities can be drastically different. Here, the ceremony usually takes place in a salon. The occasion is lively but short-lived. The legal ceremony happens the very night as the reception. Soon, food and refreshments are served to the guests.

Couples cut the wedding cake and then start receiving gifts from their guests. Later, the band plays sophisticated music for everyone’s enjoyment. The couple sets flight for their honeymoon the following day.Turkish Wedding CustomsTurkish Wedding Customs

Maidenhood Belt

The maidenhood belt tradition goes back a long time and it’s still looked upon with some affection. The tradition involves a male member of the bride’s family or some close relative wrapping a ribbon, referred to as the maidenhood belt around the bride’s waist three times before tying it.

The red ribbon is supposed to mark the bride’s virginity, an absence of which would have caused raised eyebrows and gossip in the times past. In modern times, however, Maidenhood belt has become a tradition of choice. The bride can decide whether she’d like to wear one or go without it.

turkish weddings traditions

The Sole Of Bride’s Shoes

The particular tradition is quite similar to the bouquet throwing one in the Western countries. The bride’s friends write their names on the sole of her shoes and those whose names rub off by the end of the evening are considered to be the next in line to get married. Usually, everyone’s names should rub off unless they’ve used a permanent marker.

The Sole of Bride's Shoes

Gifts In Turkish Weddings

Fancy gifts, delicate crockery, toasters etc don’t make a good choice in Turkish weddings. A financial support is the best gift couple can have as they embark on a new journey together.

So if you happen to have been invited to a Turkish wedding, don’t stress yourself over the choice of gift. After the cake-cutting, red ribbons are tied around the newlywed’s necks. Now the guests can bring their gifts usually gold coins or jewelry and tie them on to those ribbons.

The Car Convoy

Another lesser-known tradition in Turkish weddings is that related to the car convoys. Usually, the whole convoy, joined by the groom’s car goes around the streets, beeping their horns.

It may sound annoying, but Turks are pretty used to it and it works more like a wake-up call for those who aren’t aware of a marriage in their area.

Usually, a group of children blocks the passage of this convoy at some point. Their aim is to get money out of the groom’s pockets on this cheerful occasion.

Once they’re paid to their fulfillment, the convoy’s passage is made clear. The couple can then meet, get hitched and start a new chapter in their lives.

turkish wedding gifts

Final Thoughts

So those were some of the most common Turkish tradition still extant around the country. Hope this blog gave you an understanding of what to expect if you ever find yourself in a Turkish wedding.

Thanks for reading. If you liked this blog, please remember to share with others and keep coming back to find more interesting content related to weddings.

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