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Want To Plan Christmas Weddings? Here Are 10 Hacks To Execute Them!

What could be more fun than planning your wedding? Planning Christmas Weddings, of course! Have you dreamt of having one? If so, you’re not alone. The main question is how do we combine the two festivals (yes, a wedding is obviously festive!)? How do we do it in a way that brings out the best of both?

Lucky for you, we’ve got tons of ideas, and here, we give you the best of the lot. Let the wedding and jingle bells ring together!

Wood as a Material of Choice

When you think Christmas, there’s always forest imagery involved. Now when we think forests, the best material to work with is wood! Wood is not just comforting and cozy – it also works very well with glass to create a while woodland scenery.

indoor ceremoniesThink of using wood in your banquet, or other indoor ceremonies. You can use twigs, arches, plates (if you want to be truly authentic) and even wooden objects and artifacts to add an ‘aged’, ancient feel to the whole thing. Another thing that works wonders for Christmas weddings is moss. Combine it with wood for the best appearance!

Outdoor Venue, anyone?

While having an indoor venue is all nice and snug, there are two reasons for us to suggest an outdoor venue. One is the costing. Many events occur during that time of winter, so it’s likely that banquet halls and other indoor spaces are booked out; or worse, steeply priced.

outdoor ceremoniesThe second reason is simpler: It’s a Christmas wedding! How can you not utilize the white beauty of the outdoors? Sure, it’ll be colder, but that can be managed quite easily. Outdoor parks, backyards, and other such events are usually very affordable, yet elegant spaces. Cover the trees in fairy lights, use the abundance of trees and bring in the joy of Christmas to your wedding.

Trees Everywhere

The best part about having Christmas weddings has to be the fact that you can use many types of trees to create décor for the wedding itself, no matter the ceremony. In fact, if you live in the US, you can get married in beautiful Christmas tree parks.

trees everywhereBut trees are truly versatile. They can be used as the centerpiece for the dining table, they can be the backdrop for your wedding ceremony, and tiny conifers can even be arranged in a line as you walk down the aisle! Plus, trees can be combined with great accessories and colors.

Metallics and Whites

If winter festivities are in order, then you need to use the right colors! White, frosty wedding dresses and shawls are obviously in order. Candle holders that look like Ice, white flower arrangements, whitewood arches, soft white lights – the number of things you can do here are endless.

Metallics And WhitesMoreover, you can also combine metallic tints and silvers with white to really enhance the Christmas wedding ambiance. Glitter, gold adornments, silver/gold baubles, and platinum jewelry will work wonders to add that extra elegance.

The Wedding Cake

White wedding cakes are also back in fashion. The reason is simple: they’re so easy to add on to and customize according to your preference! Also, nothing says ‘Christmas weddings’ like a snowy white fondant cake, now does it?


wedding cake

Cakes can be smooth (like fondant) or have a variety of floral and cloud-based cream arrangements. They can also be decorated with red/green/silver/gold edible leaves and baubles or the best option – berries! You can even incorporate smooth geometric patterns to literally add snowflake patterns, but we’re sure you’re getting the idea by now!

Christmas Banquets

Christmas weddings are never really complete without a grand banquet, and the banquet needs to just ooze the entire ‘Christmasy’ vibe. What better way to do that than taking out the entire Christmas spread to feed your guests?

Cheeses, Soups, Hot Chocolate, warm apple Cider, Poutine, Fondue are all good options. For traditional twists, go with roast chicken and potato meals, and cheesecake is always a good idea! Add liberal amounts of berries, fruit reductions and leaves to complete the banquet!


One of the most iconic things about Christmas is Mistletoe! Symbolizing romance and fertility, you can hang mistletoe in several locations – your reception entrance, the guest tables or simply use it as décor.

The most romantic thing to do, however, is to hang mistletoe above the pulpit where you exchange wedding vows and rings – and share the kiss, as custom allows you to do.

Winter Bells and Accessories

With Christmas come many, many accessories. You don’t even have to overthink décor in this case! Have you seen a holly-berry lapel pin? Or brooch? It looks really festive. You can even use acorns, pine cones and other such prickly material as card holders, paperweights. Or just simple decorative items ringed with lights and tassels.

Bells are another great feature. You can replace the original wedding bell with Christmas-style bells. Handheld bells are great for creating a musical environment – or windchime style bells if your venue is well ventilated. Bells also come in different styles and textures so you can go crazy here!

Sleigh Rides

While this is one of our boldest ideas for Christmas weddings, you’ll possibly have the most Christmas-y feeling ever. Now we’ve all sent the bride and groom off in a car. Or had the wedding procession (baraat) on a horse. What if you could just send them off on a Santa Claus sleigh? Just have two horses draw it and you’re good to go!

Christmas Wedding Stationery

The best part about a themed wedding is the stationery that goes perfectly with it, and what better theme to stick to than Christmas?

RSVP Cards, Invitation envelopes, Menu Cards, Thank You Cards, Direction Placards – everything can be themed. Add dashes of red, green, gold and white to your stationery, with all the hallmarks of Christmas. The result? Watch your guests give you nods of appreciation for being such a festive bug.

Lastly, remember these small details and you’ll be all set for your Christmas wedding:

  • Carry an exotic winter bouquet, if you’re the bride
  • Wear a velvet suit if you’re the groom
  • Deck the aisle with tinsel and bells
  • Fur shawls for all the ladies
  • Hot Chocolate Bar/Counter
  • Lots of blankets forwarding the cold!

Even if you can’t overhaul your entire wedding to be like Christmas, these few tips should be more than enough. Let the wedding bells ring!


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