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Top 10 Wedding Planners in Mumbai

Hello Mumbaikars, how are you all doing? Well, you all be very much aware of the fact that these days, most of the Indian Weddings literally go on for days and days.  Doing all the arrangements, the process of planning everything & setting things up is such a drag for most of the households. And things get even more escalated when you have a time-demanding profession because then, you aren’t really left with any time to plan for all the meaningful things in your marriage.

This is the main reason why say,  planning a wedding is the most daunting task in the world. And you can’t even leave things high & dry because, after all, your wedding is the most important day of your life. So how can you keep up with your regular life & profession & plan your wedding at the same time without any hassle?

Well, the simplest & the most amazing way to do it – hire a Wedding Planner. Sounds expensive? Well, trust us, it is not. But even if it hikes your wedding budget a little too much, the extra cost is well worth it. All the time & mental peace you’ll save, you can use it for other productive things instead of killing that time worrying.

Wedding planners not only arrange everything & anything you need, but they’ll take care of all the critical requirements as well such as decorations & the wedding invitations, booking as well.

So, especially for you all, we have compiled a list of top 10 wedding planners in Mumbai. They are:

  •  The Wedding Co:

Work with them for a couple of days & we bet, you’ll start counting them among for family & friends who have a great understanding of your likes, dislikes, what all you prefer & desire in your wedding & what all is a strict no-no. This wonderful team of professionals have their hands mastered on latest technologies & possess the creativity to make your wedding eternal.

Location: Worli, Mumbai.
Specializations: Destination Weddings, Wedding Photography & Theme Creation.

  • Marry  Me Weddings:

This company is considered as the one-stop solutions for all the pre & post wedding related functions. With the years of experience in the wedding industry & the massive network of wedding-related stuff vendors, they have the potential to guarantee you a tension-free wedding experience. 

Location: Bandra West, Mumbai
Specialization: Custom Wedding Packages, Wedding Budget Management

  • SR Event Planners:

If you are looking for a team of wedding planners who can manage your entire wedding under your specified budget, that too on a grand scale – then SR Event Planners are your guys. You tell them your budget, you let them know your preferences & all you have to do then is wait for the magic to happen.  They have a team of ultimate vendors, and altogether they offer you professional guidance on a budget-friendly price!

Location: Goregaon East, Mumbai
Specialization: Themed Wedding, Budget-friendly marriages, Wedding Cinematography.

  • Wedniksha:

They are the masters’ infield, then it comes to executing a perfectly conceptualized wedding in the best possible way. Every client they had or they Wednishka ever worked for – calls them their favourite wedding planner. Besides all this, they also offer thorough hospitality & logistics services as well.

Andheri West, Mumbai
Specialization: RSVP & Invitation Designing, Entertainment & Choreography

  • Parinaya Wedding Management:

They offer services which accommodate all kind of cultures, budgets, dimensions & classes. And the best quality of Prinaya Wedding Management is that they work meticulously with you & your family.They always try to give your wedding your family’s personal touch by replicating your taste & persona.

Location: Andheri, Mumbai
Specialization: Themed Wedding, Bridal Makeover, Floral Decor.

  • Wedding Dreams:

If you are looking for someone who can go the extra mile to provide you with an unforgettable wedding experience, you should contact wedding dreams right now. They are the kind of company who once commit to you, they get fully dedicated to delivering the best in class wedding & post wedding services you’ll find nowhere else.

Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai
Specialization:  Budget Management, Traditional Weddings

  • VarVadhu:

They are the planners who executed Esha Deol’s wedding & we all know what a beauty it was. Loads of smiles, warmth & comfort on the day of your wedding are the signs of righteous preparation & conscientiousness – which VarVadhu put in each and every single aspect of your wedding.

Location: Andheri West, Mumbai
Specialization: Pre & Post Wedding Celebrations, Floral Artwork

  • The Wedding Designers:

They are a signified by a crew of artistic, innovative & highly skilled professionals. The working process with them is really simple but effective. They first take a note of all your requirements & only when they are clear with them, they plan your wedding accordingly. They are a team of good listeners, who are keen to understand your demands first & execute the wedding according to your needs.

Location: Andheri West, Mumbai
Specialization: Wedding Videography, Pre-Wedding Photography

  • Party Cruisers:

How you wish your wedding to be executed is their priority & turning those wishes into reality is their speciality. With their high zeal & high determination from the very beginning – they provide the best of class experience to every single person present at the wedding. The best thing about them is – they utilize their experience to the fullest & eventually come up with nerve-wracking celebrations.

Location: Bandra West, Mumbai.
Speciality: Theme Weddings & Destination Weddings

  •  The Wedding Soul:

They are a team of proficient people who very well understand what your dreams about your wedding are, and they do not hesitate to go the extra mile to fulfil them. Every detail you provide them with gets an elite consideration, so you can cherish each and every moment of your wedding, end keep enjoying it even after the wedding day.  You can count on them in case of destination weddings as well.

Location: Malad West, Mumbai.
Specialization: Menu & Venue Selection, Guest & Logictics Management.

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