Wife claims that “Our Honeymoon Phase Is Over”

Hey, Monica. My wife and I have been married for over three years now. Both of us earn, and my wife and I have made a decision that we won’t be having children anytime soon. With so much free time after work (my wife and I don’t rely on household help), she returns very late every night. This results in us hardly ever spending any time together. She also uses the weekends to catch up with her friends. I’m not saying that she should spend all her time with me, but isn’t this a little odd? When I confronted her about his, she shrugged and replied by saying that our honeymoon phase was over. What should I do?

Well now that line is quite bitchy, I must say. I don’t like people who hurt their partners without provocation. Especially when they’ve committed to being married to them! Now I’d normally pick a fight here, but since you do have to live together, you better put your foot down and ask her what the hell she is up to. Has she done this before? How has your relationship been otherwise?

Ask her frankly if she doesn’t want to spend time with you – this honeymoon phase excuse is pretty old and outdated. I’ve seen couples who have been married for decades, and they don’t behave like this.

By all means, try and find common things for you both to do so that you can relate better. Think about the kind of future you want to build, and if you have any space in your heads for each other down the line. Seems like this was a very rushed marriage, since you’ve not given me too much information. However, if not, then this is very strange behavior. More often than not, ignoring these problems just gets toxic later and you may feel that you could’ve taken some action in the past – so avoid regret at all costs!

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